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Are you an Herbal Products or Kratom Blogger? And/Or Active On Social Media With A Good Following? Sign Up To Receive FREE Samples From Taunton Bay Soap Co. In Exchange For A Review. 

Fill out the form below to sign up for our Sample Review Program, & include information like your usernames for the social media accounts you'll be using to review us, shipping address, product preferences, etc. We'll carefully review every submission & reach out if you meet the requirements for the program when the next round of samples packages are ready for review.

*While we do allow you to select the products you'd be willing to review, it is not a guarantee of what you will receive, it's just to give us an idea of what you like! 

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What We're Looking For

Anyone may be eligible for the program, but we would prefer those who are active on social media or their established blog, with a like-mindset towards herbal & natural products. Anyone 18 & older living in a legal area can apply to the program, no purchase is necessary. Only one application needs to be submitted.

 There's no "follower" requirements, but we would prefer that applicants have established accounts with 1,500 followers or more, & that your account is geared towards herbal products, natural wellness, or kratom.

What We'll Ask Of You

Once you receive your samples, we will ask that you make at least 2 public posts to any social media accounts/blogs you list in your application within 30 days of receiving your products: 

- 1 (one) post, video, blog entry, or article with pictures and/or videos with your full review of our products.

- 1 (one) other social media post with pictures and/or videos of our products. You could do an unboxing, a "first impressions", or a second post after your review, etc.

 *If you checked any of the Our Review Pages, Blog, Medium, or YouTube Video options, you will not be required to post an "arrival"/unboxing/second article, review, or video on those platforms. But if you can tag it onto the end of another video or article, that would be awesome! 

What Needs To Be In Your Posts

 We are asking for honest reviews in public posts. When you post or record, please include our website address & company name. You must also use the hashtag #ad at the bottom of your posts, blog tags, and/or video descriptions, or state outright that you received our products in exchange for a review. This is required to

comply with FCC & FTC laws. 

 In your review, we just ask that you please mention how you feel about any customer service experiences you've had with us, & talk about your experience with the products.

 If there's any special instructions or hashtags for a campaign, we'll include them in our email to you.

Need Inspo?

Your options are limitless - but everyone needs inspiration from time-to-time! 


 Not sure what to say? You can discuss topics such as how you feel about our product packaging, how well it was packed for shipping, our product prices, the quality of the products you receive, the consistency, if you prefer one over the one type over the other, if you'd recommend them & our company, if our customer service met your expectations, how we compare to other vendors, & so on. 

 Not sure what kind of pictures/videos to make? You can take pictures/videos when you unbox your products, of you trying the products, with you holding the products, of them sitting on the table - or any way you'd like!


 You could stage a picture/video of your products with a flat lay (when you lay products flat on a blanket, etc. & snap from above), show your products in the cupboard you keep them in, take a picture of them by the pool, on a log in the woods, holding them while you're on a hike - there's many options here.


 If you're crafty with a photo editor, you could even do cutouts of your products & create some graphics for your posts.

 But you don't have to use any of these, feel free to do your own thing & get as creative as you'd like! We're not looking for perfection either - just be you! We don't want this to be a stressful experience for anyone. 

No Longer Interested?

No worries! You can opt out of the program at any time. Just contact us & we'll remove you from the list! Change your mind? Contact us again.

What If I Don't Like Your Products?

First Off - You will NOT get penalized or removed from our list simply for a critical review. We know not everyone will 100% love everything we send them, & that's ok! When that happens, we just ask that you aren't malicious about it. We would never send a "bad" product intentionally. But if there's any legitimate issue or concern with your product, please contact us first to let us know so we can fix it, if possible.

Where Would You Be Willing To Post?
What Product Would You Be Willing To Review?

Terms & Conditions For Submission

By checking the box below & submitting this form, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or older, & agree to the terms listed in the "About The Sample Review Program" section to the left. In addition, you agree not to promote any TBSC product as a "legal high", in any way. We are an herbal wellness shop on a mission to "change lives with leaves" & do not condone or encourage misuse of our products.

 *You understand that most products available to review are not approved for use or human consumption by the FDA. You agree & understand that you are sampling these products at your own risk & cannot hold Taunton Bay Soap Company liable for any adverse health effects, events, or damages incurred. Taunton Bay Soap Company cannot advise on any medical use of these products or give medical advice.


 *You agree that you will comply with all local laws pertaining to our products & that you do not in an area where the products you've selected above are illegal. Those who choose a shipping address in an illegal state or county will be automatically disqualified.

 *You understand that if you fail to provide the requested posts/articles/reviews within 30 days of receiving our products for review, you will be disqualified from participating in our Sample Review Program again. You will still be welcome to purchase products from TBSC at any time.

 *You agree to allow Taunton Bay Soap Company representatives to contact you regarding your participation in the Sample Review Program. You understand that we will review the profiles & information listed above to determine eligibility. We will contact you when samples are available, if you qualify. No need to apply again - we'll keep your information on file & may periodically reach out for another review if/when more products are available.

*You agree not to post malicious content about Taunton Bay Soap Company, it's employees, or it's products. However, you will not get penalized or removed from the program from a critical review - we understand not all products are loved by everyone!


*You agree to contact us if there is a concern or issue with your products. 


*You understand that you can opt-out of this program at any time by contacting Bekkah by email or phone.

Taunton Bay Soap Company reserves the right to change these terms & deny or disqualify participants at any time & for any reason.

Thanks for submitting! We'll Be In Touch Soon By Email Or Phone If You Qualify For The Program.
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The Sample Review Program is coordinated by Bekkah in the Marketing Department. 

Phone: 9am-5pm EST | Monday-Friday / 207-669-8246